Google: "Look, we've unified your Chrome- and Google Services logins, everything is much simpler now."

Also Google: "Oh, by the way, we forgot to mention that it's now impossible to delete Google cookies as long as you're signed in to Chrome, because, you know, those are your signin tokens now..."

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Für die #AfD ist jeder aufrechte Demokrat eine „drohende Gefahr“ & Journalisten sind für Populisten „Gefährder“. Deshalb: Nein zu Polizeigesetzen, die solche schwammigen Begriffe etablieren. #nonpog #nopag

It seems the new datacenter building is also coming along nicely (stopped to take a snapshot from outside the compound on the way to the office). The shipping container frames come pre-equipped with racks, cooling, and power cabling, and we're going to add network and compute as soon as everything is set up.

Haha, das ging ja lange gut...

"Aus technischen Gründen müssen wir die Funktionen der TAN-losen Zahlungen und Umbuchungen bis auf weiteres deaktivieren."

Ja, ne, isklar, "aus technischen Gründen". Geht im Backend bestimmt alles kaputt ohne TANs, oder was?

*narrator voice* Earlier, that morning:
🌇 :blobuwu: Today I'm gonna do this thing I was going to do yesterday!

🌃 :blobowo: What the hell happened

Suprisingly, backing up a directory on an SMB share with Amanda and smbtar needs write access to the volume...

Today: Unboxing switches for the first room of the new datacentre...

Quite a bit of waste from the packaging...

Hey, I found an orphaned multimode fibre patch panel below the raised floor in the old datacentre...

redis question:

"redis-cli info" on my instance always reports a number of blocked clients:

# Clients

Now my redis is only listening on localhost and the only client is Mastodon.
Is there a way to find out which connections redis is blocking here?

so, it downloads firmware updates. over http. but don't worry, they're signed. with md5. but at least the signature is downloaded over https. with --no-check-certificate. but at least they actually verify the signa*dies*


Oh, I still have a screenshot of an OpenStep for Solaris installation...

WTF of the day: On monday, power usage on a bunch of our old HP DL380 hosts dropped by about 50 to 70W each...

What has happened?

Someone updated the ILO firmware on all the host, thereby rebooting the ILO (hosts themselves were unchanged).

CVE-2018-0150: "Undocumented user account with privilege level 15 that has a default username and password" in IOS XE 16.
Are we really in the 21st century?

First of our new 100GB switches (Arista 7050CX3) has been unpacked. Network in the datacenter that's currently being built will be all Arista (well, minus Cisco UCS fabric interconnects, which I'd also count as networking gear).

Oh, Microsoft now rolls the Intel microcode update package by default (and out of band - don't think it's a patch day today)?

Too bad I have an AMD CPU in this box...

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Just a good 3 minutes to dump 9.6GB of mastodon database and compress it down to 1.4GB using the zstd compressor. Should have done this earlier, now a cron job each night before Amanda picks up the disk changes. (Yeah, taking a full dump each day is not the best method, but then 1.4GB is manageable.)

$ time pg_dump mastodon_production | zstd -1 > /home/mastodon/backups/mastodon_production.pgdump.zst

real 3m15.718s
user 1m7.128s
sys 0m13.108s

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