I wrote a blog post about palm pilots.

I haven't even spell checked it, and I'll probably do a second draft tonight or tomorrow, but the core points are out (and I'm a publish early and iterate often kind of guy)

This is just impressions that I have had from using a palmOne computer regularly over the last ~2 months.


With reference to the Palm Pilots: if anyone has tips on
1) networking/web browsing/gopher
2) Bluetooth audio
3) Bluetooth keyboards
4) wired keyboards
5) optimal settings for video encoding
6) general palm pilot tips

I’d appreciate them.


@ajroach42 Very little can still be found from my PalmOS software list...
pssh: sealiesoftware.com/pssh/
TCPMP media player: web.archive.org/web/2007090423
Blue Files was neat for BT file transfer without Hotsync, but commercial software: web.archive.org/web/2013012817

@galaxis I was able to find almost everything on my list, including the h264 plugin for tcpmp.

It's not pretty to try and find them, though.

I kept track of where I found it all, and I'm going to put together an index, eventually.

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