NVRAM on the Sparcstation 5 is now back on battery power too. No more setting up NVRAM after each boot.

@galaxis Hm, I might have to do that on several SPARC machines, too. On which side is the battery so that I don't cut into the wrong side? 😀

@js Battery obviously is on the side away from pin 1.
Didn't do the cutting though - was done by someone who had some experience with those chips. The older version has some space between nvram chip and the battery / clock module on top (was in my SS10) and is relatively easy, the newer version (SS5) is completely sealed, which makes for some more cutting work...

Probably best to have a few spares for some practice.

@galaxis Thx! I'll look into this 🙂.

One advantage of this construction: Acid cannot leak on the board.

@galaxis nice, I need to do it with mine too, died a few years ago :(

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