Just noticed that the CPU load profile on the OpenBSD VPS for my mail server (hosted on KVM) has changed quite a bit after upgrading to 6.4... Looking at top, it seems that one of the two cores is basically at 10% sys all of the time now.

@galaxis Weird. I've got OpenBSD 6.4 VMs on KVM/QEMU 2.12.0 at home and a few hosted at Vultr, none show that behavior.

@nihl Hrm. Maybe it's that I'm using "S" for malloc.conf, and something in there takes more time than before.
On the other hand, when I'm looking at system processes with top -S, the two that are using any significant time are "softnet" and "srdis". No idea what those are doing right now, I'll have to go read some docs...

@galaxis I didn't tweak malloc.conf so that might be it. I didn't take time to read about it yet but softnet usually is one of the top processes on the OpenBSD routers I manage, I guessed it stands for "software network" and have to do with pf and/or routing but I might be completely wrong.
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