Despite all my aversion for Microsoft - their enterprise software was enabling a lot of companies to run their own IT infrastructure: AD, Exchange, Sharepoint, MS SQL, MS CRM, ...

Now they are inching out of that market space towards "Cloud", pulling all the Microsoft tech crowd along, they're leaving behind a vacuum. And there's no contender left with even a semblance of similar product integration.

It's kinda pulling the rug from under a lot of local/regional onprem IT support orgs too...

@galaxis That's the plan. MSFT wants quarterly results but is also planning 5/10 years ahead.
Slowly kill all the local skills and transform resellers in sales agents which in turn will be killed as well once a big chunk if their customers is in the so called #Cloud.
At that point they'll start ramping up subscription fees. Easy.

@h It could be good news if there was a viable alternative. As is, most are inclined to continue using Microsoft, just switching to their cloud products.
It's what Microsoft is selling to their channel partners too - follow us to the cloud, or be left to starve in the desert.

@galaxis What's already deployed will still be around for a while. Others will fill that space before their crap dies.

@galaxis There seem to be some pretty decent open source "IT in a box" packages, though I haven't actually tried any of them.

Microsoft has known they needed to start moving to a SaaS model since the late '90s. It's why they bought Hotmail. I think the move to cloud is being driven by all the marketing around cloud, not the lack of alternatives. Nobody looks for the alternatives because there's no marketing behind them. It's on people going into and already in the IT field to change that.

@galaxis Yep. This is exactly the "enablement" you get from big-ass providers. 🤷‍♀️

@galaxis @vfrmedia
There are things. People want alternatives, but then they want them to be *exactly* the same as what they were leaving, which is just not going to happen.
Once you are in a monoculture dependant upon a particular corporation it is *extremely* difficult to leave and that is, of course, by a lot of clever design.
Woe be unto you when you buy your first i-this or i-that. Your first ms-something or chrome...

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