Has anyone else seen increased memory usage of their instance after upgrading to 2.9?

I'm currently noticing a more or less linear growth in memory usage (with a small bump down each night) ever since I installed 2.9.2

Yesterday, I had to disable the 6GB memory limit on the lxd container I keep my Mastodon in, as there was just too much swapping going on.

@galaxis Yes, my smallish instance is currently using 14GB 8GB of which is from sidekicks workers. This is a sizable increase I believe.

@debugninja @galaxis thanks for the heads up! Will wait for a fix before upgrading

If you want a fix then you have to open an issue on GitHub 😉
@debugninja @galaxis
My RAM-Usage is the same during the last three months but I use fully dockerized Mastodon-Instances...


@markusblogde @emanuel @debugninja No use opening an issue when I don't even know if it's a real problem.
I'll observe this for a couple more days.

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