Hadn't seen that kind of Ebay scam yet: Tangentially related search finds OneMix netbook, apparently at €14... Page shows full system description and pictures. A "mode" - dropdown shows " - select - "

As soon as the actual netbook is selected from that dropdown, price jumps to somewhat realistic €430. The product you'll get for €14 is a bag. But the bag picture and description will not be shown until you select that option from the dropdown...

I don't think that's how this is supposed to work.

@galaxis i've seen this a lot on ebay, its a simple hack to get higher in the listings..

@piggo I've used Ebay very rarely in recent years, so it's been news to me...

@galaxis I've seen this a fair bit on Wish as well. Example, a handheld sewing machine. The primary image will be of an electric model and the price listed at something like £3, but then it turns out that £3 is just for the manually operated model and the electric one is actually >£10.

Sneaky gits. >.<

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