Finally bought a macro lens for the OM-D, but went with the cheaper option. Currently I'm not so sure that was a good decision - the 30mm macro lens needs very short distances, and then sometimes doesn't get enough light...
But then it's more versatile than the 60mm MFT macro outside of short range... Not sure what to do from here...

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@dredmorbius Hrm, yeah... Was thinking about a tripod today, too. I used to have one of those, 20 years ago, but couldn't find it last time I was looking.

@galaxis I've had pretty amazing mileage out of even just some small mini-tripods. An extending tabletop tripod is likely your best bet. Fits into a jacket or cargo-shorts pocket, extends to a meter or so tall, can be used at much lower heights. Brace against walls, stones, lamposts, etc., for flexibility.

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