After the 3.0.0 upgrade I see tons of 404 errors with POST requests on /api/subscriptions/... on my instance.
Is that something to be concerned about?

[04/Oct/2019:23:59:33 +0200] "POST /api/subscriptions/2627 HTTP/1.1" 404 5367 "-" "http.rb/3.3.0 (Mastodon/2.9.3; +https://...

@galaxis those are the OStatus endpoints which are now gone with 3.0.0 as OStatus support was removed

@staticsafe Funny. The remotes I've seen are all Mastodon instances...

@galaxis in that case they should be using ActivityPub unless its a bunch of really really old instances

ActivityPub speaking Mastodon instances would have converted to using ActivityPub when available (unless the instance was suspended pre-conversion which I've seen a couple times)

@staticsafe Apparently that conversion didn't happen for quite a few instances then. I'm currently seeing these accesses from about 40 distinct source IPs, and most of them are running Mastodon 2.9.x or 2.8.x (plus a few with Pleroma).

@Gargron After the 3.0.0 upgrade, I see over 60 other Mastodon instances still hitting OStaus endpoints (/api/subscriptions/) on my system. Among them,,, pawoo.

Given that Mastodon should use ActivityPub - did those miss some migration step in the past? Or could that be caused by something that's wrong on my instance?

@galaxis It's possible that they had upgraded but kept refreshing WebSub subscriptions which is what you're seeing. Once they upgrade to 3.0 they won't be hitting WebSub APIs anymore

@Gargron Ok, thanks for your reply. Will that affect follow relationships in any way in the mean time? Like maybe the affected remote instances thinking I'm unreachable at some point or something like that?

@galaxis those instances have all been around a long time. They all existed before Mastodon implemented ActivityPub, as was the case with my instance.

I think that if there are follows that were made long time ago when Mastodon only used OStatus the subscriptions stayed on that protocol even when both instances involved got upgraded. You'd probably have to manually intervene to change them or wait for the other instances to upgrade to v3. I don't know of any other automated way...


@galaxis ... It seems my instance has an unusually high percentage of OStatus subscriptions hitting it, plus there are some active instances federated that do not support ActivityPub yet (notably for technical reasons never upgraded). Therefore I'm waiting for OStatus to die down more before I upgrade to keep in touch with .club ... and avoid the torrent of HTTP errors lol.

I'm not waiting forever, but will hold off on v3 for a few weeks until I see the transition.


@msh @galaxis You can safely ignore any such HTTP errors. None of this affects federation.

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