Hrm. I just noticed that the RasPi that runs my secondary DNS should have been taken offline in August (at least that had been the date announced by PCextreme for the shutdown of their RasPi hosting)... And I never finished setting up the replacement VM.

Well, as of today the system is still online 🤷‍♂️


...also it's an RPi 1 that's been using the same 16GB SD card since it was powered on in May 2013 - with swap and standard logging enabled. But then it hasn't been doing much besides running DNS, a http request sinkhole, occasionally an ssh honeypot, and acting as a ssh tunnel relay.

Given how fast many raspberry pis burn through SD cards I just came up with a nice alternative explanation (that I don't believe in) : someone virtualized it for you long time ago already 🤔

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