@EdS @deejoe @kensanata What could possibly go wrong with a centralized service tracking the interests of a large fraction of Fediverse users?

Not that there's any nefarious purpose, but even if its operator William Murphy, who is a data visualization engineer, has no nefarious purposes in mind, if it becomes successful it could become a target for acquisition or some other kind of attack. github.com/wmurphyrd


@freakazoid @EdS I blame developers of certain widespread Fediverse software for not picking up any concept of groups over the past couple of years...

This implementation certainly has downsides, but it looks like it could be self-hostable, so people could set up their own group reflectors. If it works, it will fill quite a feature gap in the current incarnation of the Fediverse.

@galaxis @EdS Yeah self-hosting seems like the right answer. But as you say it should be a native concept.

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