Oh the hell... Why is Android 8.1 on this BlackBerry insisting on formatting SD cards with ExFat, when it can't keep its shit together? I have a mere 6k files in my media library on that card, and things get corrupted after just a couple of days each time I do a fresh sync over from the iTunes media directory?
Fun things like directories that can't be found or files that can be found but not read, and then random resets when hitting some of those.

Just let me make this old adopted storage pls?


So the general idea seems to be to use adb to format the device as private storage. Guess I'll try that these days then. Not that I need the space as internal, but the current unreliable behaviour gets on my nerves.

Yeah, no adoptable storage on the Blackberry Key2LE, according to the sm tool in adb shell.

Ok, trying something different: Formatted the SD Card to FAT32 on Linux (since both Android and Windows only want to format a 64GB card to exFAT).

Fully prepared to have Android reject the card :flan_shrug:

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