So it's November 27th again, which is the anniversary of Operation Tigerfish: 75 years ago now, the Royal Air Force bombed out the city of , destroying much of the city centre (except the cathedral), and killing 2800 residents.
There were only two air raids on Freiburg during WW2 - one earlier in the war by a German bomber group that misnavigated and took the town for their target, and this one.


Since I wasn't born here, I know nothing besides the various official records. My mother's family spent the war in Kiel, which was (and still is) a major German naval base, and was attacked very often.
There is no place for revisionism in remembering death and destruction: That, and the response, was brought upon the people everywhere by the Nazi regime, and all those who didn't oppose them.

"No more wars" is also why there simply is no alternative to the European Union, faulty as it may be.

@galaxis There is an interesting documentary by SWR about Freiburg during the time of the WW2. Seeing the KaJo filled with people and flags of the time is weird, to say the least.

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