So, since we are breadposting today anyway: The result of this attempt at the gluten-free bread mix surely looks better than the previous...

Took over an hour to rise though, instead of the 30min advertised... Also added ten minutes to the baking time right away. Don't be too impatient.

@galaxis Best advice I have for non-gluten bread is "eat the whole loaf immediately". They don't store very well ...

@yojimbo I've had good luck with that up to now... The last loaf held up for over 10 days (but was quite crispy for having been in the oven too long). I'll see what happens with this one...

@yojimbo I have a "food saver" thingy and whatever I have leftovers of a fresh loaf I seal it up and put it in the right away just barely after it has cooled fully.
It lasts for weeks and thaws out very nicely, though it can't be re-frozen again obviously.

Also @galaxis that loaf looks really good! Same recipe/flour as before or did you adjust that too?

@msh @yojimbo We usually put bread into the freezer too when it's not going to be consumed within the next few days.

And yeah, this one made from the same flour mix as before.

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