Agh. Sometimes I'm really frustrated by this read-once aspect of the Fediverse... Seen a post somewhere, opened link from it, read linked text and try to react to post... But it's been washed away in the stream, not to be found again.

On the other hand, this saves me a lot of time (after I've given up looking for the original post).

One wonders if it is broken by design - hence the lack of search. It might be that you could tactically use favourites (stars) to mark posts presently of interest. And possibly unstar them later, if you're not feeling generous.

@EdS Limiting search to posts you've interacted with was a design decision, to my knowledge. So yes, that's one of the reasons to use favourites.

The glitchsoc fork has bookmarks in addition to that (which are not signalled to the authoring account), but I don't know how those interact with search, and up to now I didn't want to add to my adminstration load by switching to a fork.

@FiXato Ah, here's the PR that added the bookmarks feature, apparently:

So, waiting for the next release...

@Gargron @EdS

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