Thinking about casually making onion sites available on my home network by switching from squid to privoxy on the proxy server, and using a forward-socks5t rule for .onion to a local tor guard (squid can't to forwarders that speak SOCKS, and I don't do much caching anyway)... I can soak up stray .onion lookups from internal clients on the resolver.

Finally set this up - which is actually pretty easy. All you need is a default Privoxy setup with tor on the same machine, and two forward entries:

forward / .
forward-socks5t .onion .

Point your browser to the proxy (I'm using WPAD).

This is certainly all kinds of unsafe for any actual use of hidden services (like, when one of them includes third party resources on the plain web, those requests will be leaked), but the odd .onion URL can be accessed with minimal effort.

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