Day one of "oops, we need to extend all these IP address pools for VPN clients"...

@galaxis extremely bill gates voice a private /24 should be enough for any VPN

@djsundog @galaxis It's almost like the last two decades of people advocating for #IPv6 deployment were actually for a good reason.

@nivex Corporate networks and IPv6?

Maybe next decade :flan_disappointed:

Or never, when everything is cloudified, and the notion of corprate networks disappears.


@galaxis @djsundog "There's no such thing as cloud, just someone else's computer" but now with more NAT!

EC2 supports IPv6 directly on instance via VPC, but most folk don't use it yet. v4 access is translated all to hell.

GCP has been _reducing_ its IPv6 footprint. I can't even.

I think Azure is almost caught up to AWS. Maybe. Sorta kinda.

The only place I've seen Do It Right™ is Linode. DigitalOcean is pretty close I think. There are likely others, but they get overshadowed by the big guns.

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