Talking of battlestations... I don't think I've had much of that type of desk setup this century.

(Old low-rez scans of photos from a previous life, 1997-ish? Mostly the same systems, just set up at two different ends of the room at different times.)

Note I still have that Psygnosis Terrorpods poster on the wall above my desk even today (I think the poster was the best thing about that game)...

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@ajz I don't think so - none of the PC cases on either photo is that old.

(I think the first pic is actually the newer one, since the blot on the leftmost monitor should be an OpenBSD 2.4 sticker. So that's more like 1999...)

@galaxis :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Oh wow, that does bring back memories. Late 90s/early 200s. That's so much the way my house and friend's houses looked.

@galaxis An Atari TT :-) You must be a very goid hacker then, a mark of good taste :-)

@galaxis I never had that many monitors, but if I look in my 'office' right now...
* A P133 SFF 'business' desktop w/ AWE64 and Win95 for retrogaming
* A 1GHz Athlon w/ Radeon 9800 Pro + SB Audigy and Win98 also for retrogaming
* 2 SGI Indigo workstations, with a working drive for one with IRIX 5
* A ...2GHz(?) P4-M + Radeon 7500 Compaq laptop w/ Win98
* A 1.6GHz P-M Centrino laptop w/ ... AROS I think on it
* A Coleco ADAM computer + printer
* and a whole bunch of random parts

... 😅

@galaxis "I don't need all those systems any more - it's the future! I don't have to have my computers on to do serving stuff..."

"...oh right, I have a 1/4 height rack with multiple old rackmount servers in it in the basement running 24/7.

And I just set up Folding@Home on mine and my partner's gaming rigs.."

@galaxis Diese Fotos ist sehr cool! Ich bin eifersüchtig, dass du Computer (mehrfache!!) im 1997 gehabt!

@goetz Jo. Müsste noch irgendwo im Keller rumfahren. Aber ich denk' alles da ist inzwischen verrottet...

@galaxis: Die Apollos haben gräßliche sprödes Plastik wenn sie altern, aber die Boards halten eigentlich gut.


That's a lovely desk over there.

It's so clean compared to mine!

@officialcjunior All the collected junk is on a second desk towards the other side of the room.

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