Somehow I had way more fun with computers when they were slow, and making things work, on a budget, with barely adequate resources, was hard work that required a good grasp of the components of a system and their interactions.

Maybe I'm years deep into a boreout after all, and just can't find any real traction in a world where all resources are abundant.

@galaxis try implementing artificial limitations, like optimize software for minimal RAM usage or something.

@galaxis I can understand you. I am still keeping my old Atom Netboot alive which is quite some fun (but takes also a lot of time).

@galaxis Back in the 8- and 16-bit days it was easier to come up with problems that had no easy solution, other than literally doing something nobody else had tried before.

Nowadays, many of the things we want to do have simple financial solutions ("...just buy a XYZ123 to do that!"). So it's more tricky to come up with fun & rewarding personal projects...

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