Today seems like a good day for my yearly "let's see what's broken in the current NetBSD/hpcmips release" exercise...

In 8.1, the installer ran out of memory when trying to set up disk partitions, and it seemed there was some general problem with softfloat support...

(Also I apparently forgot to remove the buffer batteries last time - though it seems I was lucky and they didn't leak... And the case bottom seems to have developed a crack that I didn't notice before...)

Ah, yes, great. "ne0: where did the card go?" sounds like I'll have no network, which makes things slightly difficult...

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Interesting... A problem with the NE2000 driver specifically? A Xircom card is being detected and stays online. Well, except for the "no carrier"... :flan_shrug:

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Haha... Even an ifconfig xi0 up throws a "Floating point exception", so I guess mips softfloat is still broken.

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So. NetBSD 8 and 8.1 had softfloat problems too. NetBSD 7.2 doesn't even boot up the kernel.

Let's try 7.0.2 and then I've had it for today. This would be less tedious if rebooting the machine from NetBSD wouldn't require removing the battery - a simple reset is not enough to get it back up in Windows CE...

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Yup, note to self, to avoid wasting more time on this in the future: /hpcmips 7.0.2 is the last release where the installer successfully completes on an IBM WorkPad z50 and returns into a usable system (for certain values of "usable"). Anything later on is broken.

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Nice, even X11 starts up on the z50 with the old NetBSD release, though it's barely useful (uses up a good chunk of memory, and also doesn't seem to be configured to detect the trackpoint)...

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...and just don't try to transfer too much over the network.

Should test if the Xircom card goes online with that kernel, unlinke the current one where it didn't.

Though the nice thing about PCMCIA NE2000 on the WorkPad is that Windows CE brings a driver for that and it's available right away, whereas Xircom doesn't. Installed drivers are lost when power is out - Windows CE splits the RAM between system storage and application memory, and system storage is persistent only when powered.

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