Apparently I just eBayed another bare / possibly broken Atari TT mainboard.

Let's see... According to the pictures, the ribbon cables connecting the VME bus slot have been removed, which is not a good sign...

@tsturm Well, yeah... The thing is, I'd really like to have one where I can play with Atari System V (which needs an unmodified system, and a Riebl network card) - and another one where I can make use of all the addons (Thunder IDE, Lightning VME, and the graphics card I have). Swapping those around is quite tedious.

Unfortunately, full system that show up somewhere are usually prohibitively expensive (or I manage to miss the affordable ones - not that I keep looking all the time)...

@galaxis I've never had a chance to play with Atari System V, although I hazily remember sitting in front of a TT with System V running for a few minutes. I was working in a computer store in the mid-80s in Munich and we sold mostly boxed 8-bit and 16-bit systems without hands-on service.

But the store across the street was a licensed Atari dealership and they had ALL the systems. There I even had a chance to touch a working ST Book when they briefly appeared. :)

@galaxis The way it worked was that all the computer stores in that one street - while appearing to be competitors - were often helping each other out with inventory if something ran out. Our store and the Atari dealer across the street always swapped stock and sent customers to each other if we thought the other side would be a better fit. :)

@tsturm Yeah, I used to work for an Atari dealer back in the day, and still have quite a few bits and pieces of Atari gear...

Including an ST Book (an surprise ebay find), though that's been sitting disassembled on a shelf for a couple of years now after the disk failed and I never managed to make it start up with a different one.

It was an interesting time, and we could have sold so many TTs if Atari had been able to make them (and a successor in a similar spirit instead of the Falcon).

@galaxis Oh - which Atari dealer and whereabouts?

I still have my Falcon from back then - although it is with my uncle in Germany since it wouldn't be happy here in the US with 110 Volts... but it still works. We turned it on for the first time in 20 years last year and it booted up without any problems. :)

It's too bad that Atari ran out of steam when they did. I wish they would have finished the Falcon Tower they had in prototypes instead of launching the Jaguar.

@tsturm That was Duffner Computer in Freiburg.

We didn't survive the decline of Atari either.

@galaxis You know... did your company advertise in the ST magazines? The name Duffner does sound familiar.

@tsturm It's not impossible. We did some PD and shareware distribution on disks, and quite a bit of reselling to other Atari shops - I remember we had a Cebit booth two or three times.

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