Uhhh... Building neofetch from NetBSD pkgsrc pulls in bash (expected), but also all of perl5...

...apparently building bash needs bison, and that pulls in perl, for the test suite I guess?

Now to find out if I can disable running tests (and building test dependencies) in pkgsrc...

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Doesn't seem like a critical dependency, so I have removed perl:build from USE_TOOLS+= in the pkgsrc Makefile for bison and hope that configure will pick up the change... I'll see in a couple of hours...

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There's not really much documentation on cross-building NetBSD pkgsrc, but from what I understand it's only possible for a small subset of packages?

Thinking about trying to find a qemu-system-mips64 configuration that's able to boot some netbsd-mipsel port and provides a slightly less constrained environment for a "native" build?

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...well, or not. The z50 has dropped off the net sometime tonight, and I'm not next to the system right now.

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Hrm. Does tmpfs reserve memory on NetBSD? Because the default mount option for /var/shm is -sram%25 - which is quite a lot when you have about 40MB free after the kernel is loaded...

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...also not sure if using gcc -pipe is the most intelligent idea when swapping is involved to keep both gcc and as in memory. Maybe should remove that from my custom compiler options.

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@js NetBSD 7.0.2

I haven't been able to install any later release on the WorkPad z50 - in 7.2 the installer kernel doesn't even boot, and beyond that there's segfaults in userland all over the place.

@galaxis Can you use ./ to build current? I can relay problems to the relevant people :). But nobody is going to do anything if it's not on -current.

@js I'll try, but don't expect anything on that soon... I'm near the machine only for a couple of hours each week, and then everything is slow 🐌

@js It's mine, but there's complications in my daily life :flan_shrug:

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