Weeeelllll... No idea if these two things still work after all the years in the basement...

All the capacitors still look ok, at a first glance.

The "Turbo 20" is just an overclocked 68000 though, not an 68020 CPU...

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I'm not so sure about this cap in the SM124 (the big one in the center), though the bulge might be normal for that kind... Guess I'll just try to power it on?

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Guess I'll order one of the various ST video out to VGA adapters (probably centuriontech.eu/product/st2vg), since I'm not sure when I'll be motivated to repair this monitor...

As I only really care about ST high resolution, video timing isn't going to be a problem.

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@galaxis Uh-oh... that SM124 will need some loving care.

@tsturm Yeah, I'll at least have to remove those two capacitors soon-ish to see how bad the damage is (and prevent it from getting worse).
I checked, and it's the last SM124 I have...

Hrm. There's SM124s on ebay for around €30 incl. shipping... Not sure it's even worth trying to put any time into this one.

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