I hate it when the result of a full day of work is two lines of code.

(Ok, it's two lines of Splunk query and a new lookup table, but that doesn't make it much better...)

@galaxis hey, 2 lines of splunk lookups a day is not bad at all!

@lioh Well, I built something to show results where a data field does not contain one of the values that show up in a lookup table. It's such a basic small thing really (or should be) - I'm almost certain I'm missing some annoying detail that would make it totally straightforward...

Showing results where the field matches one of the lookup entries is relatively easy (via an inputlookup), but I haven't found a good way to negate that using the query language...

@galaxis Counting lines of code is a poor measure of productivity :)

@yngmar I'm aware. It's less about the lines of code than about the percieved complexity of the task. It sucks when you have a concept of how to solve a problem, but can't manage to map it to the actual target programming language.

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