Hrm. Do Mastodon instances forward delete activities for other instances? Because I'm getting a flood of "type":"Delete" - messages from for an actor that's somewhere else?

It's apparently always the same message though. No idea what that's about (ran a trace on the traffic between my reverse proxy and mastodon).

Any idea @chr maybe?


Excellent. I post this, and the flood stops.

@galaxis I think there may be a few "gotchyas" currently in ActivityPub. At most it's just spam to your server.

@indirection I first assumed that someone was maybe expiring their old toots with some tool - but at least in the sample I have been looking at, it's always been exactly the same delete message for the same object id, repeated over and over.

Ugh. I didn't even notice that the requests are coming from two different Mastodon versions, according to the user agent.
All originating from the same IP address though, and it's the correct one for Strange.

Maybe something that went wrong during an upgrade?

@galaxis that's...extremely weird. i don't know why this would be happening. please let me know if it continues

@chr It's mostly stopped today, but I still see some requests with an old useragent:

http.rb/3.3.0 (Mastodon/3.0.1-cybre;

Most come with

http.rb/4.3.0 (Mastodon/3.1.2-cybre;

Do you maybe have some old Sidekiq instance still running or something?

@galaxis sure enough, i did. kicked it over and restarted, how's it looking now?

@chr Requests with the old user agent are gone.
Not going to have the time to look at details until later tonight, though.

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