The joys of W10 on 2010s hardware: My notebook uses Switchable Graphics[tm], which was some contraption designed by Intel to be able to combine the embedded Intel GPU and a more powerful grpahics chip (AMD in my case). Last Intel and AMD Windows drivers supporting this hardware were released in like 2016. There's a control panel to select which application runs on which GPU, but certain applications are blocked from using the faster GPU - namely Firefox.



The workaround seems to be to use patched AMD drivers from a web site that doesn't exist anymore, where the application blocklist has been removed. I used to run earlier versions of those drivers back on Windows 7, so that's not completely untrusted in principle - but leshcatlabs is not on, and all the random download sites which claim to have a copy are iffy. Though someone seems to have collected the drivers on Sourceforge, that's probably the best option down that route...


...or I just keep things as they are, setting layers.acceleration.force-enabled = true in FF seems to have helped some too.

Wonder when W10 will drop support for old graphics drivers, and it's going to be end of the line for that hardware.

(Situation on Linux isn't much better - the two workable options are either to force-enable the AMD GPU in BIOS and have extremely short battery run tumes, or to disable the AMD GPU in Linux and run everything on the Intel IGP.)

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@galaxis I had one of these, too, and iirc there was a Linux mechanism for switching between gpus on a per-window basis? I think it was called bumblebee, but then had a name change

@phooky Yeah, that's for the Nvidia Optimus solution though. Different beast. For Intel's first switchable graphics, the first was some DKMS module called vgaswitcheroo, and then I think kernel support was implemented differently later on. Always was a hassle though, sometimes userspace didn't know how to deal with the setup and such. Completely switching off either GPU works around those secondary problems.

@galaxis yikes, I didn't realize there was a whole parallel AMD version of this as well!

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