Another post in Neal Krawetz' series about weaknesses in the network, driven by a DDOS attack on a hidden service, and the investigation following on that:

@galaxis That's a very interesting post.I read it all and I'm shocked how easy it seems to be to identify Tor users.I thought I'd be more or less safe when using Tor.What's the best solution?I think the Tor network needs even more traffic and more nodes.That makes it less likely to catch a hostile one and it hides you between data from even more users.

@nipos Yeah, and the other posts provide some more perspective. As I understand, there's going to be at least one more.

Most of the problems are not new in principle, but the threat landscape has changed from when they were discussed initially. Tor should still be good enough for some uses, but there are too many people with too much insight into Internet traffic patterns by now.

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