What is your principle Fediverse stream?

How do you follow / use The Fediverse / Mastodon?

Boosts appreciated.


@dredmorbius I'm using Pinafore as frontend on the desktop, so I live on the Home timeline.
On a single-user instance, Local is just me, and Federated is mostly Home plus some cruft (the bulk seems to come from accounts I've unfollowed at some point).
Every now and then I log into Mastodon proper, to look at a couple of pinned hashtag columns.
I've never worked up enough motivation to create Lists.
Rarely, I look at hashtag search results elsewhere (/tags/<tag> is almost universally available).

@dredmorbius With Android, I'm on Subway Tooter. It has a feature to load hashtag searches from foreign instances (see above), and public posts from their local timelines (if the relevant API endpoint is available). I make use of both, even the implementation is a bit clunky. Somewhat helps to find new accounts to follow.
Still waiting for a web frontend that implements either of those features.

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