So, running three lines of Ruby code via "bundle exec rails runner" takes about 20 seconds on my VM. (Ok, admittedly, the first line calls ...)

Is there any common way to speed this up?

(I mean, starting Mastdodon's tootctl basically suffers the same problem, but I don't need that as often...)

Haha, that was almost easy. Originally I used this old code:

I have no real idea how this stuff works, but since the script is being started in my mastodon/live environment, I assume bundle exec rails runner ... pulls in all requirements from the Mastodon gemfile?

I now explicitly require 'sidekiq/api' in the small script that's being run, and instead of going through rails I run ruby directly, using bundle exec ruby -e "${RUBY_SCRIPT}"

Completes almost immediately.

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I'm unreasonably happy about this small success, since I was just about convinced I'd totally lost my ability to solve problems that I don't really understand.

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