Ok, now I remember why I'm not using Lists in Mastodon: List management is barely functional.

Getting there needs several clicks. I can't just add someone to an existing List from their profile (or a post). I've managed to mix up the List name and search fields several times now (and then wonder why the List name has changed). I can only search for account names, not for domains. List management is a modal, and I need a second Mastodon window if I want to search for people to add.


@galaxis with pleroma-fe there's no lists at all, so be happy with what masto provides

misskey managed to get it even worse, with misskey you have to add every single person individually by getting to their profiles and adding them to lists from there

@tdemin Well... Pinafore can show lists, but can't edit them.

Things are slightly covoluted in Subway Tooter (as usual), but the standard post context menu actually has a "add/remove from lists..." - option for the originating account. In exchange, there's no way to directly edit a list from the list menu 😉

@galaxis @tdemin ST has Lists column and list members column that allows you remove members in the list, or move member to another list.

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