Yikes. It took me way too long to realize that the auto refresh of Munin statistics pages comes from a meta refresh in one of their HTML template files (/etc/munin/templates/partial/head.tmpl on Debian / Devuan).

The default reloads way too often for collections with a lot of graphs...

@galaxis I never checked but I sort of assumed that those images were static copies served by a caching aware web server (and thus very little actual traffic?)

@kensanata Well, you can have a cron job that creates all the graphs (which means you'll have a few gigabytes of PNGs written every couple of minutes that mostly no one ever looks at), or you can have a a cgi that creates graphs on visited statistics pages on demand (which means waiting for them to be generated).

Depends on the number of graphs for a particular system and on the CPU power on your Munin server if that turns into a problem or not...

@kensanata (I never would say that Munin is particularly great software, but I'm lazy and it works well enough for me, most of the time...)

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