Since Sinclair QL were being mentioned recently - found mine. Though I have to admit I currently have no idea where power supply and my small stack of microdrive tapes might have ended up...

@galaxis ooh, did yours come like that, or were the proper 9-pin DINs for serial and joystick ports aftermarket mods?

@thamesynne I got it like that, and it doesn't look like a mod. Tbh I never checked if there were different hardware versions, so I just assumed this was the standard layout?

@galaxis maybe it was in mainland Europe; in the UK, at least at launch, they came with BS 6312 sockets instead

@galaxis ah - according to Wikipedia, yes, the Samsung-built export QLs did come with DE9 sockets as standard (and i think the microdrives were more reliable too)

@galaxis It is beautiful beyond modernity.

a design that transcends time.

Rick Dickinson's design work! As was the #spectrumnext. The #SinclairQL won an Italian design award according to wikipedia. Intended to be a £500 Xerox Star...

#Sinclair's famous cost-cutting obsession failed him in this case: he'd got the 68008 designed in when Motorola changed the pricing and the 68000 became cheaper than what he was paying. But no new deal...


@TheGibson @galaxis

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