Getting to this point was surprisingly difficult (and required installing the rEFInd boot manager)...

Installed LMDE from there yesterday... Remaining problems: Key mapping with the Apple keyboard is a mess (especially so when your mind is on "it's an Apple keyboard, so I certainly have Apple shortcuts"), and there's a bunch of "irq xx: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)" messages during boot.

Contrary to the Debian notes for the macmini3,1 hardware, there's no problem with nouveau, but maybe that's due to using rEFInd instead of Apple's EFI bootloader?

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Agh. Why am I playing with Linux on an old Mac Mini when I had completely different plans for these days?

applealu_iso keyboard model seems to be broken on LDME4 / Debian 10 - the settings tools throws an error. I now have a keyboard setting that mostly works nevertheless, exept that <> and ^° keys are swapped?

irqpoll kernel options helps with that message.

Upgrading to a 5.8 backport kernel apparently breaks X acceleration and I get a laggy mouse and slow graphics in general.

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I still have rEFInd somewhere, but it's not on the EFI partition that Linux sees? No idea where that is hidden now.

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