The NY Times has an article up on retrocomputing (see previous boost) and they have a photo in there "Atari ST in 1985" that just blows my mind...

Knowing that NYT has good archiving practices, I trust that they got this photo in 1985 and the GEM looks like 1.0, so this was probably an early pre-release ST at a trade show.

WHAT is that monitor? I was deep into the Atari ST back then, and I've never seen this before. There was an Atari monitor with a built-in floppy drive???


@bhtooefr First time I've seen that one. Probably never made it to Germany?


@galaxis @tsturm per the thread, looks like US and Canada only, and very limited at that

@galaxis @bhtooefr @readsteven Ahh.. further down in that post:

"Funny thing about the PS3000... there were supposedly only about 1,000 of them made and distributed through out the U.S. and Canada."

That explains why I never even saw one of these... :)

@galaxis @bhtooefr @readsteven Pretty mind-blowing that in 2021 I still learn about new-to-me Atari ST hardware... 😅​

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