Hey, this old Socket 7 mainboard still works.

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Boots my old Debian/wheezy i486 rescue drive - but I'm not going to get anywhere with 96MB RAM πŸ˜‰

@galaxis ah the K6 was such a great CPU... I had a K6-2 as my primary computer in college.

@jeff Actually, as it turns out, I have an K6-2 too - seems I didn't even pull the disks when I decommissioned that one...

...all slots on this mainboard are in use. Not too bad a system, with 512MB RAM.

@selea Probably? I'd at least need to replace the CPU fan...

If I remember correctly, we used to run a shared shell server with mail and everything on this thing back then. Hasn't been switched on for 10 years minimum.

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