What? The HAL 9000 screensaver just works on W10? I always thought it required Flash or the Shockwave player being installed?

Ok, the installer binary of the 2013 release is way bigger than the .scr file itself, so maybe they bundled Shockwave and it's been dropped somewhere on my system?

Oh yeah, so that's that then:

The HAL 9000 screensaver doesn't survive the end of Flash after all.

Let's see if some more stuff turns up that was built on embedded Flash without the users being aware...

The interesting thing here is that I don't have any visible Flash install on this system, so I'm really curious how this application is being switched off...


Ok, apparently my system has a current version of the Flash player even though it doesn't show up in the programs list? Is that the runtime that Microsoft used to distribute as IE plugin?


Windows Flash Player 27 still works - the installer has to be run in Windows 7 compatibility mode though (otherwise it sais that the OS comes with a flash player installed and refuses to start the setup).

I guess if someone makes me run a trojaned Flash application I'm done.

@galaxis I think Chrome came with an internal flash player at some point?

@galaxis Yeah, Windows 10 provides an integrated version of Flash Player (which is updated with Windows Update).

But if you install a standalone version (from the Adobe website), it "replaces" the integrated one.

@galaxis Microsoft published an optional Windows Update a few months ago to remove (and prevent the reinstallation of) the integrated one, if you want

@zoddo Thanks for the hints!

Now to find an old version of the Flash player installer 😉

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