"Let's quickly install NetBSD on this Sparc box..."

2 hours later:

...adhoc external SCSI setup with a compatible CDROM drive and an SCSI2SD, powered by an old USB IDE adapter that happens to supply 12V with no devices attached.


...why two hours?

Not finding a rewritable CD. End up using a standard CD-RW. Where are those anyway?

Find cables, terminator, power supply.

SCSI2SD has the wrong SD card. Is there anything worth saving on the other one?

Wrong CDROM drive, find the one with 512b sector support.

No, it really won't boot a CD from a SCSI ID other than 6.
Reconfigure SCSI2SD and CDROM drive (there's also a disk in the system with an OPENSTEP installation that I don't want to swap out).


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