Can you guess when was a link to one of my projects shared here on fedi yesterday?

Seriously, we're getting close to having a true "Fediverse effect" (c.f. ). :blobaww:

@rysiek Yeah, but you have to consider the traffic from servers fetching the preview. (Sorry)

@Gargron oh, that's exactly what I meant. I should have made it clear. 👍

@Gargron that said, at some point a conversation might need to happen on how to stop fedi from accidentally becoming a distributed denial of service tool.

400 requests in a few short minutes is something that *could* already cause some issues for some poorly configured sites. And fedi is growing.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that in a year or two it grows to a level where posting a link can bring most WordPress sites down for a few minutes.

With deniability ("I was only sharing).


@rysiek It's not rare to see "temporary overload" type messages from web sites that have been linked from the Fediverse. Usually takes 10 to 15 minutes until the worst of the storm is over.

Personally, I'd really like to be able to disable link preview fetching on my instance - they also take up a sizable chunk of storage on my side.

Otherweise, maybe distribute link previews as actual media from the originating instance and have others fetch just the page title for verification?


@rysiek (Ok, the latter looks like a dumb idea in retrospect, since I don't actually know of a way to get at title or meta tags without requesting the full page.)


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