#Signal turning into a crypto-ponzi currency scheme?



That Signal:
- isn't really free/libre software (as Moxie denied freedom to redistribute modified version)
- would *never* federate (political choice of centralization)
- updated server software wasn't published
- invaded people's phonebooks
- runs on Amazon+NSA's infrastructure
- is virtually impossible to use out of Google's infrastructure -
- etc.

...didn't seem to be enough to alarm Signal users.


@jz Remember that TextSecure did at one point federate in practice, when CyanogenMod ran their own infrastructure?


...and then there was signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-

@galaxis yes #Signal clearly went backwards on so many levels..

Like giving up on making crypto-over-SMS because... er... reasons? (like if everyone in the world had a plentiful data access...?)

Way before the outrageous bullshit blog post (and CCC talk) there was the f-droid/LibreSignal debacle:


Basically saying "i deny YOU the freedom to distribute modified version of my 'free software'" should have been enough to alarm everyone..

@jz @galaxis That discussion there is terrible. That's the point when I started disliking Signal.

I installed Signal recently because of two people who wouldn't use anything else, but I just convinced one of them to set up XMPP over Matrix (iOS user and all XMPP clients we tried are 💩).

Gaaaawd I wish there was something like Conversations on iOS!

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