While I'm having fun in general with the book I currently read (nothing new, no idea where I picked it up: Becky Chambers - the long way to a small angry planet), it somehow keeps annoying me with a tendency to feel overly educational for some reason? Can't quite pin it down. Also sometimes make hard cuts on scenes that could have had some more interesting development, but that seems like the authors choice. About halfway in, let's see if it's different once finished. First in a series too.

@galaxis I agree that the message sticks out from the story fairly blatantly, but somehow I didn't mind too much - unlike some others I've read where the authors like to beat you over the head with their message (anvilicious, as the folks at TVTropes call it). Perhaps because it's a relatively simple read (not a criticism) so the message can't be quite so subtle.

I just read the second book in the series. There's some interesting ideas in there - worth a try, I'd say.

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