Ok, I bloody hate the Mastodon character limit. It's rarely an issue, but when it is, I usually end up ditching the toot instead of trying to trim it down or distribute it over several posts. (Though some might argue that's for the better...)

What's the recommended way to raise the limit nowadays and have the change cause as little additional work down the line as possible?

@galaxis there's just a setting you can change somewhere

our instance has 69420 characters

@luna Last time I looked (like two years ago, admittedly), it required a handful of changes in a couple of different places, and merging those back in each time there was a new release.

(Which probably was more of a pain when the time between updates was shorter...)

@galaxis in vanilla, i think it's still the same code change as ever.

the only alternative to that that i know of is migrating to glitchsoc, which offers MAX_TOOT_CHARS as an option in .env.production

@starfall Yeah, Hometown is another fork that supports changing the character limit. And then I think Pleroma added an API extension to signal the raised limit to client apps that then was used by Glitchsoc too? Not sure if that's part of the usual hack.

I should probably just switch to one of those forks, though I don't need any of the other changes for a single-user instance... (And it seems Hometown has fallen slightly behind after the last Mastodon release broke some of their changes.)

@galaxis personally I'm against increasing the amount of characters from the default. Mastodon needs to stay a short message platform. If you want to write a longer message then other platforms are better suited for that like diaspora.

@tursiops Well, that ship has sailed ever since other platforms with different preferences have started to interact using ActivityPub - and Mastodon has found ways to deal with that incoming content too.

I don't want to post walls of formatted text, but the character count quickly going down to zero as I write a short paragraph of text ist aggravating.

@galaxis well that's the beauty of the federation. Everyone makes their own rules. If other admins increase the character count to the thousands better for them, but that's not my jam.

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