@zwangseinweisung @julienxx I also noticed that @mmu_man has worked on supporting gopher in NetSurf some time in the past, see this thread: m.g3l.org/@mmu_man/10101553174

@zwangseinweisung @galaxis @julienxx oh, possibly the cURL port isn't built with gopher support…

@zwangseinweisung @mmu_man @galaxis sorry for my newbie-ness, I want to buy a 68k computer and the STe looks pretty good for my needs (music, programming and not crazy expensive). Will Mint run properly on a 1mb ST or should I plan for more ram, a hard drive... ?

@julienxx @mmu_man @galaxis if you want to buy a ste you neeed to upgrade to 4 mb of ram but cpu is very limited. better are some 030-ish tt or falcon and above

@zwangseinweisung @mmu_man @galaxis yeah TTs and falcons are really too expensive (when you can find one that is). And I prefer not to go into FPGAs


@julienxx Later STe used (then) standard 30-pin SIMM modules, and should be easy to upgrade to 4MB.

@zwangseinweisung @mmu_man

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