I think I just now noticed why I'm typing so much faster (and with almost no errors) on the small BlackBerry keyboard, compared to any touchscreen device: I'm hitting the keys with the fingernails of both thumbs, which is way more exact than pawing an indifferent glass pane... The latter really drives me crazy.

Not sure what I'm going to do in terms of mobile devices when the K2LE dies...

@galaxis The two best handheld devices I had for input were a Palm III & V PDA, using Grafitti, and Palm Centro, which had a a hard QWERTY keyboard.

I absolutely hate typing on glass, no matter the device. For tablets, a bluetooth keyboard is essential. (Unfortunately most are crippled by missing keys critical for Linux/Unix commandline / terminal usage.)

@dredmorbius Yep, Grafitti was the other option that I could work with too (I used a Tapwave Zodiac as PDA after a long time with Psion S3s)...
I also get along very well with the keyboard on the OpenPandora, but that one is really restricted by now due to no current web browsers being available - and there never was any usable PDA software adapted to the small screen either...

@galaxis there's supposed to be a new BlackBerry branded QWERTY phone coming out this year. OnwardMobility and Foxxconn got the rights to them after TCL.

@vi Yeah, I hope this one will still be good for another year or two (though no Android updates is not great either).

The other option I'm considering is going back to a relatively dumb phone and some pocket computing device as companion. (Not that those are currently more common than phones with keyboards...)

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