Uh, well... So it seems neither Fedora 34 nor Manjaro support the Wifi hardware on the RasPi 400?

I guess sometime it's good to have old hardware around (and it probably has better reception than the horrible onboard Wifi in the 400).

Not that Fedora seems usable on that hardware (first boot takes like 5 minutes), but I was curious about the state of things outside of Raspbian...

...with gnome-shell and systemd-oomd being the most active processes (and using up like 25% of the CPU time in idle), this setup doesn't really make sense.

Ok, so I maybe shouldn't have tried the Manjaro RPi4 / sway Edition first, which is still at version 20.10.

With Manjaro XFCE 21.04, the system just works on the RasPi 400 - boots reasonably fast, remembers keyboard layout settings, onboard Wi-Fi is supported (though not less crappy)... The install image download is about 1GB though, and then it wants to download 620MB of updates...

The Manjaro mirror system seems to have a knack for selecting download mirrors on the wrong side of the globe though, both for the initial updates, and for pacman... Not quite sure what's up with their geolocation. Maybe some artifact from using the digitalcourage DNS server?

Not bad, this actually feels quite usable?
Not so sure about the setup with 5GB zram swap on 4GB of real memory (and no actual disk swap as fallback), and since the install image comes with ext4, I'd at least want to set up ecryptfs for my home directory... RPi key doesn't seem to be mapped to anything with the keyboard layout I chose. Small things...

@galaxis Wait what? systemd-oomd is an actual thing that exists? :flan_XD:

@stsp 🤷‍♂️

It seems an important problem that needs solving in userspace.

@galaxis So in its default configuration the kernel overcommits memory and kills random programs when programs abuse this. And now the systemd devs added a userspace monitoring tool which tries to prevent the wrong process from getting killed in such situations? The userspace/kernelspace split in the linux community must be running very deep indeed if that's the solution they end up with. (I don't have a horse in this race and don't really care, just an observation from the outside.)

@stsp I assume if the systemd people were prepared to take up and enhance existing solutions for anything, they wouldn't need to reimplement everything they touch from scratch.

It's not something I like personally, even though it did actually solve some longstanding problems on the way...

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