Random stuff from the old source directory: TkStep 8.0 (1998)

"This is Tk 8.0 with some modifications to make it look like N*XTSTEP's interface, plus some new widgets inspirated on N*XTSTEP. It also incorporates the DND drag and drop patches (see README.TkDND)"

I have no idea what I used it for back then (though I know I was running WindowMaker as primary window manager for a long time.)

More random stuff from the old source directory: Internet Junkbuster Proxy 2.0 (1999)

"junkbuster is an instrumentable proxy that filters the HTTP stream between web servers and browsers. Its main purpose is to enhance privacy."

One of the first adblockers I knew of (though there were a couple of alternatives even back then). The proxy server knew how to filter on host names and URLs, munge cookies, and rewrite request headers (on unencrypted connections).

@galaxis they censor it because you can't say the name of god in vain (tk is vanity)
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