I kind of wonder if the various vaccination certificate apps will be able to display the QR code and assorted information on the lock screen?

Having to present an unlocked phone sounds like not a very smart idea... But maybe that's just me.

@galaxis As far as I know, you can print it out on a piece of paper

@espen Yeah I know. And in addition to that the yellow vaccination booklet will still be valid too.

@galaxis Ok, personally I just checked until I found "you can print it" and then concluded that I had my answer on what to do. Of course I have to get it first and estimates say .. sometime around July?

@galaxis someone already asked for a homescreenwidget on the PlayStore site for CovPass.
I'd like this app to be in F-Droid, too.
At least the source code should now be on github.


Homescreen could be done at #android, #lockscreen is technically impossible.

3rd party apps cannot access the #lockscreen

@Billie @galaxis Maybe as a persistant notification, if you can show images in them. But that whould be a rather small one.

@galaxis I don't get the fuzz around that at all. You don't need a specific app to display a QR code... Any image or PDF viewer will do. It's being presented as some sort of magic feature.

@galaxis Make a screenshot of the vacc app and use that as your lockscreen image?

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