Is retro-vacuuming a thing? Because it just occurred to me that I'm still using the same vacuum cleaner that my parents phased out at home when I moved away, like over 25 years ago?


Aaaaaahhh! Apparently the paper bags for my old vacuum cleaner are out of production (used to be Swirl S54 or compatible). I noticed I only have one left and went looking for supplies.

Now to find out if anyone still makes something compatible, or if there's some other type that can be adapted to fit the fabric bag inside.

Well, ok, maybe it's time to get a new vaccum, I noticed the plastic is quite brittle in places and cracks easily.

@galaxis for mine which wasn't a very well-known brand I found compatible ones with different references, so you really want to take a paper and draw the shape of the cardboard/plastic part over and take it to supermarkets, some even have catalogs with cross-refs…

@mmu_man Going though local shops I didn't even see any of the simple paper bags that possibly could be cut out to fit...
But I just now found an online store in Germany that still seems to sell a compatible product. Guess I'll order a few more than I need right now - they're not even that expensive, so it'll not be a big loss when I still have some left when the machine dies at some point.

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