We have an old floor lamp with a capacitive touch dimmer that works fine with classic light bulbs, but I haven't yet been able to find a replacement that uses less power. Halogen sometimes works, but most bulbs flicker at some of the settings, and they also die quickly. Same with filament LEDs, regardless of make.

Have been thinking of disassembling the lamp and try to disconnect the dimmer circuit - out of ideas otherwise.

Ah, turns out the dimmer circuit is super easy to remove (once the lamp fixture is disassembled), so I'll just add a switch to the cable instead. No more dimming tough.

@galaxis ikea claims some of their LED bulbs are dimmable, i never tried it though

@piggo Yeah, some LED lamps supposedly work with some types of dimmer (not with this one though), but often enough "dimmable" just means you can switch them to various brightness levels by powering them off and back on a couple of times.

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