Haha. When you're on some site looking for pointers to a basic Linux picture editor (I just need something that works on a small screen and lets me do resize and cropping), and the first thing that shows up is a full-screen ad overlay for Creative Cloud 🙄

...ok, so I used gThumb.

Also, in a similar vein: Youtube-Ad for an adblocker subscription (don't pay for that shit).

I'm totally spoiled by using adblockers everywhere, but opened YT in a bare Chromium window to see how much memory it eats.


For #android, I can recommend #imagepipe from #fdroid

Can resize, crop and has basic paint functions, very small in size, compatible with verly old android versions and can even handle a QVGA display


Current version has 291 kiloByte (!) apk size 😀

@Billie On Android, Simple Gallery has worked well enough for my needs (also available via f-droid). I'll have a look at imagepipe too.


To be honest: I am the #author of #imagepipe , I have written it. 😀

#imagepipe is mainly designed to quickly modify pictures before sending them somewhere, it also removes exif metadata

@utzer Thanks - I'd seen that mentioned, but it looked like too much of a drawing program from the screenshots, so I went with gThumb after it didn't seem to pull in too much additional GNOME stuff. I"'ll try pinta too.

@utzer As it turns out, pinta doesn't start under Raspbian. There's a long stack trace from the Mono runtime, but I didn't look into the details yet.

@galaxis @utzer i used to work on mono stuff, might be able to provide some advice

@libc Cool, sure. Don't spend too much time on it though 😉
Possibly some native library is missing?

Dropped the stack trace here:


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