So if you want to run a current version of Keepass2 from the .zip download with plugins under Mono, you'll need the mono-complete package (on Raspbian/Debian).

It's mentioned in the docs and in the error message when a plugin can't be loaded, but who reads error messages 🙄

Anyways, does seem ok under Raspbian (I just kept the general directory structure that the outdated .deb package uses, but put everything from the download under /usr/local, including a copy of the adapted startup script).

...kinda reminds me of why I don't like to deal with Linux for everyday use. Software installation is too much of a hassle for everything that moves faster than the distribution release cycle (and I don't like Snap). No idea if people even build Flatpack bundles for ARM?

Whereas the old Windows way of "download, run installer" still works fine, despite all its different kinds of problems (hello dll hell and malware).

I mean, this also depends on the dedication of the software publisher - Vivaldi for example provides a deb repository that also has ARM builds. (And so does Microsoft, for Teams and Edge and Vscode, though I'm not sure about the supported architectures).

Hrm, ok. Auto-typing seems broken in my setup currently. It did paste username and password somewhere, but definitely not into the web site form it was supposed to use.

@galaxis Some software developers provide a broad range of supported versions (Resilio Sync is such a positive example, too), but for most things that are not part of a distribution, it’s rather painful and non-fun. And even if the publisher provides a repo for the distri (which is nice), adding that to your repo-list is typically not made for non-admins.

But I’m sure 2022 will be the year of the Linux desktop.

(Written on mac OS, delivered through a Linux gateway)

@galaxis another option is to package it yourself, and maybe it's not that hard but I didn't try yet.

@mmu_man I used to fake packaging using checkinstall, but I really can't be bothered nowadays.

@galaxis Just out of curiosity : why don't you use KeePassXC? Any particular plugin or some such?

@schaueho Just what I'm used to. My database sits on a Nextcloud instance, which I access via Webdav. This works out of the box in Keepass2 and Keepass2droid. Also I'm using the KeepassOTP plugin for compatibility with OTP support in Kp2d.
I have to admit I didn't recently check the features of KeePassXC though, so I don't know if it would work for my use.

@schaueho Ah yes, I should probably try to make KeepassXC work for me - wondered why the Pi400 was so sluggish today, and it turns out Keepass2 (locked in the background) on its mono runtime eats about as much CPU resources as the web browser with Mastodon inside...

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